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Creativity, innovation, and effectiveness are highly desirable traits in all aspects of business and commerce, but they are of paramount importance in legal representation and business advice. The practice at Hopkins Headlee Caststeel PLLC is built on these traits. A primary goal is the development of unconventional approaches to legal challenges which will result in our clients achieving their objectives with less stress, fewer distractions, and a smaller time investment than what typically results from the traditional legal approaches utilized by most law firms.

Hopkins Headlee Caststeel PLLC and its attorneys are routinely involved in matters of complex business transactions and commercial litigation. Although we are a small firm by choice, Hopkins Headlee Caststeel PLLC and its attorneys have the experience and expertise to handle virtually all business, commercial, and financial matters.

Above all, Hopkins Headlee Caststeel PLLC believes that the attitude brought to client representation is crucial to effective representation and client satisfaction. Our attitude toward the law practice can be summarized as follows: “The law practice is not about winning or losing; it is about finding the best solutions and achieving the best results for our clients.”

Our Core Values support our approach to the practice of law and the representation of our clients. Our Core Values are:

  • Quality, Not Quantity. We believe in high quality clients, not a high quantity of clients.
  • Respect. We only accept persons who we respect to be our clients, and we respect the clients that we accept.
  • Decision-Making. We endeavor to assist our clients in making the decisions which are best for them, and not those which are merely easy or convenient.
  • Results. We strive to turn challenges into opportunities and opportunities into accomplishments.

If you find our approach intriguing and you have further interest after reviewing our site, we would welcome the opportunity to discuss representation with you. Please contact us if you feel that you are the type of client that we should have and we are the type of law firm who should be your legal counsel. Most initial consultations are no obligation unless an attorney-client relationship results.


Hopkins Headlee Caststeel PLLC, located in Little Rock, Arkansas, was established in 1984. Since its inception, Hopkins Headlee Caststeel PLLC has concentrated its practice in areas involving business, commercial, and financial matters. Hopkins Headlee Caststeel PLLC and its attorneys have extensive experience in both litigation and non-litigation matters.

Hopkins Headlee Caststeel PLLC has been rated as the Top Law Firm in Arkansas for Business & Transactions in the Small Firm Tier (2-10 Attorneys) by Super Lawyers® Business Edition 2012. Additionally, all of the attorneys of Hopkins Headlee Caststeel PLLC have received Individual Awards from Super Lawyers® as follows:

  • Gregory M. Hopkins – Top Attorneys in the Mid-South
  • Stewart Headlee – Top Young Attorneys in the Mid-South
  • Ryan J. Caststeel – Top Young Attorneys in the Mid-South

Hopkins Headlee Caststeel PLLC has received the highest rating of “AV” from the Martindale-Hubbell Law Directory. The Martindale-Hubbell ratings are based upon confidential ratings received from other lawyers. The “A” portion of the rating is awarded to attorneys with legal ability considered “Very High to Preeminent.” The “V” portion of the rating signifies those attorneys that received a General Recommendation of “Very High.” Hopkins Headlee Caststeel PLLC is also listed in the Martindale-Hubbell Bar Register of Preeminent Lawyers. Approximately 5% or less of the lawyers in the United States are designated for inclusion in the Bar Register.

Gregory M. Hopkins, the firm’s senior attorney, has been recognized by Soiree® Magazine as one of Little Rock’s Best Lawyers for the years of 2014, 2015, and 2016, and as one of Arkansas’ Top Attorneys in the March 2017 edition of Arkansas Life® Magazine. Mr. Hopkins also was selected as the “Best Business Lawyer in Arkansas” in a poll of Arkansas lawyers conducted by the Arkansas Times® newspaper with the results being published in an Arkansas Times cover story entitled “Arkansas’ Best Lawyers.” Mr. Hopkins was a runner-up in the Best Bankruptcy Lawyer category, the second time to receive such a recognition from a statewide newspaper.

Mr. Hopkins also has been regularly selected as one of the “Super Lawyers of the Mid-South,” “Top Attorneys in the Mid-South,” and as a member of the “Bar Register of Pre-Eminent Lawyers,” from the various publications compiling these recognitions. Stewart Headlee, an attorney with the firm since 2003, and Ryan J. Caststeel, an attorney with the firm since 2008, each have received recognition as a “Rising Star in the Mid-South” and as being “Top Young Attorneys in the Mid-South” in recent ratings of attorneys in the area.

Hopkins Headlee Caststeel PLLC is conveniently located at 1000 West Second Street in the downtown Little Rock area. Hopkins Headlee Caststeel PLLC occupies the restored Ward-Heiskell House (circa 1881), a certified historical structure. With 4,400 square feet of office and conference space, free off-street parking, and convenient access to major interstates and thoroughfares, Hopkins Headlee Caststeel PLLC offers convenient access for office conferences with clients and business associates.

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